Adding a Diverticulitis Diagnosis to the Ds

Adding a Diverticulitis Diagnosis to the Ds

It’s Day 162 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I’m adding a diverticulitis diagnosis to my Ds. Some of you regular readers know I haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks. Yesterday and last night were so bad I finally broke down and went to the doctor today. Many of you also know that the Ds refers to the various barriers we Pink Collar women face like diagnosis, depression, dysfunctional relationships, discrimination, divorce, death, etc., etc. So when my doctor examined me and diagnosed me with diverticulitis, or infection in the intestines that can develop  as we near our fifties, I laughed to myself and thought, Another D!

As much as I didn’t like this diagnosis, I’m relieved that it’s something that’s easily treated with antibiotics. While I waited on the two she prescribed, I grabbed a green tea chai latte. Apparently, I looked a little green too because the barista handed me my cup with the below message scribbled on it. The soothing tea and the smiley face with no nose made my day…Some of you may  be thinking, why is she sharing all of this? TMI! Well, as much as I want to encourage women, I also want to be transparent enough that women who are dealing with diagnosis and other Ds know you are not alone.


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who has so many things going on, it’s frustrating to have yet another D cause me to miss things like an important meeting today, Zumba yesterday and today when I’m supposed to be preparing to teach my first full class at the Y this weekend, and working on revisions to meet my debut novel book deadline. Still, I’m thankful that I’ve learned to listen to my body and take a break when I need it, even when it means letting some other things go undone for a while. I’m also thankful for my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic barista who took a moment to wish me well. And I’m especially thankful for my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic doctor who made time in her busy schedule for a sick visit to diagnose me. Even though it added another D to the list!

How about you? Are you dealing with any diagnoses that have you down? Yet another D? If so, listen to your body and practice good self care. I pray you encounter small acts of kindness that heal your body and spirit.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

Mail, Meow Mix and Maximizing Delivery Duty to Make the Mundane Meaningful

Mail, Meow Mix and Maximizing Delivery Duty to Make the Mundane Meaningful

It’s Day 161 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and though I’ve been sicker than a dog, after giving Zumba a miss and sleeping for four hours, I wanted to write about how my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic cat loving mail lady not only drops off mail but Meow Mix to maximize her delivery duty. A few months ago, I posted on Facebook when my husband told me she specially delivers cat treats to our cat Skylar daily and got a great response. As much as that was fun, there is a real lesson to be learned from how this female mail carrier maximizes what some may consider a mundane duty to make it meaningful.

Skylar, who I intended to be an indoor cat quickly let me know she had other ideas. At about five pounds, she’s petite but rules the neighborhood like a lion does the jungle. Still, her size causes neighbors to want to feed her and I’ve had to discourage many from doing so or she won’t ever come home! Mail Lady Sheila is the exception. Since I’ve been working from home, I made a point of introducing myself and learned she adores felines and feeds them all along her route. Getting out of the truck and loving on them is part of the special delivery service. And so her furry friends don’t have to do without when she’s off, the treats are stashed in the truck with instructions for the other mail carriers to carry out distribution activities in her absence.

This weekend, I heard the mail truck pull up and smiled to myself. A few minutes later, I was surprised to hear a knock and figured a package was being dropped off. When the knock persisted, because I wasn’t feeling well, it took me a bit to get to the door, so I had to wave Sheila down before she pulled away. Apparently, she’d taken the time it took me to answer to tear the lid off of her special delivery and to write an accompanying note. I was right about a package being dropped off alright, but as you can see below, the people in the house weren’t its recipients.

Mail Lady Sheila went above & beyond to ensure her meaningful ministry carries on.

When I told my neighbor Jen about this, she informed me she’s talked with Sheila too and is aware of her love for animals. Jen’s dog has been the recipient of treats as well! I don’t know if Sheila loves delivering mail, but whether she does or not, she’s found a way to incorporate a passion into her job. So often you hear jokes about mail men hating the animals on their routes, but for Sheila, they’re likely the best part of her day. Delivering mail is her job. Delivering love to animals is her true service. Her ministry. It makes the mundane duty meaningful.

Sheila reminds me of the lyrics from Steven Curtis Chapman’s song Every Little Thing You Do:

While I may not know you,

I bet I know you 

Wonder sometimes, does it matter at all?

Well let me remind you, it all matters just as long

As yo do everything thing you do to the glory of the One 

who made you,

Because He made you, 

To do 

Every little thing that you do 

To bring a smile to His face

Tell the story of grace

With every move that you make

And every little thing you do.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Chick I believe we can serve our purpose and others, including animals, by not just going to work, or working at home, but by being intentional about maximizing opportunities to show grace to those around us when we’re there. I’m certain God is pleased with Sheila and smiles as much as I do when she does her special delivery duty. As pleased as that makes me, it’s not nearly as much as it pleases  Skylar who knows that the Mail Lady Sheila’s truck not only contains mail but Meow Mix!

What little thing can you do to bring a smile to the face of someone in your workplace or at home? God will smile too.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

Landing to Library – Savvy Chic-ing Some Underutilized Space

Landing to Library – Savvy Chic-ing Some Underutilized Space

It’s Day 160 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I’m excited to report it’s also Best Views Ever Day for the blog! I was pleasantly surprised to learn this just now when I sat down to post. I hadn’t looked at statistics all day, so it seems the old “a watched pot never boils” saying applies to blog stats as well! This morning Joel Osteen’s message was about when the storm is at its worst, that’s when we experience a power surge. Learning that my all time views almost doubled in a day was just the power surge I needed. I appreciate all of you for taking the time to spend a little of your day with me here. Now, on to the reason I wasn’t plugged in all day: I was busy Savvy Chic-ing an underutilized space on third floor and transformed the landing into a library.

As an avid reader, I’d love to have an entire room dedicated to books, but with a big fat blended family, though our home is relatively large, it doesn’t have any vacant rooms waiting for books to take up residence! That being the case, soon after moving into the house my hubby already owned, one of the first things I did was put my childhood bookcase on the center of the long landing wall which served no purpose other than being a walkway to bedrooms, the children’s bathroom, the linen closet and the catwalk overlooking the living room. For the last seven years the bookcase has done its duty alone (once one of a set, I wish I wish I knew what happened to its twin!). But as I’ve broadened my horizons and added new authors to my favorites, my book collection has outgrown the solitary bookcase.

For a while now, I’ve had a Shabby Chic style shelving unit in mind and have half-heartedly looked for it. Then, lo and behold, yesterday, when I was at the Christian bookstore redeeming a coupon, I wandered down to Old Time Pottery and found two shelves that I thought would foot the bill stacked on top of one another to make a tall bookcase. Knowing how much it would mean to me, my sweet hubby met me, we got the van, and he went and picked them up for me without batting an eye. Yes, he wanted me to be happy but I think he also wanted avoid the towering stacks of books on the landing from tumbling down! To top it off, he took me to Endless Shrimp Fest at Red Lobster for date night. He’s a keeper. ; )

Today, while I was home alone, I spent many happy hours rearranging ALL of my books (they’re alphabetized) – the secular authors on the bookcase I painted Shabby Chic sage green back when I was married to my wasband – and my Christian authors on the new shelves, which look distressed with age. Then, I shopped the shed and rooted through all of the boxes from my old office as well as the house to decorate the shelves. With a little time and love, the landing is now a functional, beautiful library.

Two shelving units stacked on top of one another gave me the height I wanted. It’s filled with books and has tons of room for more.  Florentine picture frames with family photos, $1 candle holders from Goodwill and some sentimental pieces, the provide Savvy Chic function and beauty.
The new shelves and the old go well together. They are united by the books, Florentine frames and Shabby Chic sage green that is woven through both.                                                                      Brown is not my usual go-to, but I like how it plays off the brown stair railing.                                                                                                        It also makes this space, located just outside the master bedroom more palatable for my hubby. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Chick who loves maximizing her space by transforming underutilized or quirky spaces into functional, beautiful ones, I hope my project inspires you to take a look at your spaces and image them serving more of a purpose. When you do, you may be surprised to learn that instead of being the spaces you just want to rush through, they become the spaces you want to relax in. That’s what happened to me today – I spent a lot of time reading on the landing. Oh, I mean, The Library!

What landings, hallways, nooks, closets, or cubbies could you Savvy Chic to fit your home or office needs?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



The “Wicked” Ways of Women in the Workplace – How The Relationship Between Two Witches Plays Out in Real Life

The “Wicked” Ways of Women in the Workplace – How The Relationship Between Two Witches Plays Out in Real Life

It’s Day 158 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and a few days of reflecting on the plot of “Wicked” have made me realize how the relationship between the two witches plays out in wicked ways amongst women in the workplace. So, even though I posted briefly about seeing Wicked the other night, I hope you’ll read on…


In Wicked: Elphaba, better known as The Wicked Witch of the West, was born green. This difference caused her to be the target of discrimination, bullying and labeling. Though she was indeed the witch with the superior abilities, these were minimized while personal characteristics that had nothing to do with her performance were maximized, resulting in her marginalization. When she dared to stand up for herself and what was right, she became the victim of retaliation. Glinda the Good, a misnomer until the end of the play, was the ringleader.

In the Workplace: Women experience discrimination from other women based on race, ethnicity, their femininity, sexual and/or gender orientation, religion, socio-economic class, etc.


Understandably, Elphaba experienced low self-esteem, self-blame and loneliness which led to depression. Though she actually had a generous, kind and self-sacrificial heart, her depression made her believe no good deed goes unpunished, which ultimately caused the self-fulfilling prophecy about being wicked to come true.

In the workplace: Women who are being discriminated against suffer from a host of maladies including emotional, mental, physical, and social ones that cause decreased performance, job satisfaction, and personal problems that stem from those at work.


Glinda was a highly dysfunctional person. Her narcissism and ineptitude, combined with the knowledge that Elphaba’s talent exceeded hers was a dangerous mixture. With jealousy stirred in (Elphaba was not only like but loved!), it became poisonous. Once Glinda realized she could not control Elphaba as her enemy, she drew her into a complex co-dependent relationship that was truly toxic.

In the workplace: Workplace bullies and/or saboteurs, including superiors, may try to get close to their target so they can control them. Unwanted invitations to lunch, to engage in social media or other activies are then used to gather information/ammunition to be used inappropriately later. Fear and manipulation are usually attached to these “olive branches”.

Distrust, Delusion, and Desperation, Oh, My!

Because the tenuous “friendship” between the Elphaba and Glinda was built on distrust, when a seeming breech occured, Glinda became delusional and projected all of the negativity she’d harbored toward Elphaba onto her. Her own insecurity caused her to take desperate measures to contain the threat to her fiefdom, including bringing intentional heartache and loss to Elphaba. Oh, my!

In the workplace: Whereas coaching and guidance are usually provided to address performance issues, documentation is used to reprimand and or retaliate against the target. A case is often being built about the woman being targeted, the purpose of which is to “beat them into subjection”, cause them to quit, or to be terminated. Oh, my, indeed!


In the end, though Glinda knew what she cost Elphaba, her own selfish desires ruled the day. Despite the fact that Elphaba’s actions had proven time and again that her desire was for the good of all, and not just herself, she is derailed from using her powers in a constructive way to benefit others. Finally, Glinda had to carry on with the knowledge of what she’d done and live with all of the lies and false pretenses. And while Elphaba’s reputation remained blemished, her conscious was cleared. She was content and at peace.

In the workplace: When the bullies or saboteurs are in positions of leadership or power, they are often successful in derailing other women by whom they are threatened and of whom they are professionally jealous or intolerant. They run them out of jobs and even careers. They succeed in painting them as wicked. That’s the bad news…


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who’s been there myself, I’m so glad I have some good news! It’s this: Women who are targets are often resilient. We bounce back with better jobs. We not only lead fulfilling careers, we fulfill our purpose.

How is that? Because we’re wicked good.

Have you ever been Elphaba in the workplace? Glinda? How did your story end?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


“Wicked” on a Wednesday Night – What a Wonderful Twist on “The Wizard of Oz”!

“Wicked” on a Wednesday Night – What a Wonderful Twist on “The Wizard of Oz”!

It’s Day 156 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, but unlike most Wednesday nights, I just got in from an amazing night on the town seeing “Wicked”. On a whim, I asked one of my Zumba friends if she wanted to go with me and she and her teenage daughter jumped at the change. Rather than dancing side by side like we usually do, we attended the midweek production at the Aronoff and sat together in seats that put us in a great position to truly enjoy the show. And I couldn’t have asked for better company. Jane loves “The Wizard of Oz” and was as enthralled as I was with this award winning Broadway musical that tells the behind the scenes story of The Wicked Witch of the West and Glenda the Good.


Pink Collar Coach in all red. Calvin Klein trumpet sleeve dress, bag and booties.

Madison, me and Jane inside the Aronoff and outside after the show.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who loves drama, musicals, and dance, I won’t give away the plot but will tell you this show has it all and puts a wonderful twist on “The Wizard of Oz”. So, if you love stories that make you think, feel, and possibly change your perspective, I suggest you give this one a try. The title truly doesn’t do it justice. In fact, I suspect if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it’s anything but wicked…

Be  savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach





Collaborating and Creating My Selling Style in Coral Calvin Klein

Collaborating and Creating My Selling Style in Coral Calvin Klein

Day 155 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project got off to a slow start. For the past few days I haven’t felt the greatest, so today I slept in until after 9:00. Once up, I was productive, however, and responded to a pleasantly surprising number of likes and comments on whether I should offer Mary Kay products as part of my image coaching. Thank you to everyone who weighed in! Next, I buckled down and located some of the passages in my novel that have been slated for revision. After procrastinating on this task for days, I got so engrossed in it that I had to rush when I realized it was time to get ready for an H7 Evolve meeting. That being the case, I grabbed an easy care shirt dress out of the dryer and rushed out for Coffee and Collaborate and “Create Your Selling Style” wearing coral Calvin Klein.

Coral shirt dress, gold lame cardigan, taupe sling backs and floral bag. All oldies. All Calvin Klein from TJMaxx. My photographer didn’t catch that my dress was gaping. Oops!

Brenda Aveyard, a speaker, trainer, and coach facilitated the meeting, which offered an opportunity to collaborate around a challenge being faced in our business. The other women in the group listened and suggested action steps, as well as providing some resources to complete them. Multiple perspectives were helpful in gaining clarity around goals for my coaching business and it felt great to support other likeminded entrepreneurs.

Following Coffee and Collaborate, Brenda presented a short workshop on “Creating Your Selling Style”. During the introduction, as she told the story of how she came to be a Sales Coach, I was thrilled to hear that she is a former top Sales Director for Mary Kay! That felt like confirmation. Then she went on to explain how she doesn’t coach on anything she hasn’t lived through, and I knew I was in the right place. For the last few weeks, ever since I started reading Christy Wright’s Business Boutique, I’ve been honing in on my target audience/market. Brenda called it my avatar client. Recently I realized it’s professional women who are facing the Ds, all of which I’ve lived through. More confirmation.

Brenda spent the remainder of the time providing valuable insight and information on how to deal with our internal barriers in order to get what we have to offer our prospective clients to them. I so needed to hear that! After all, my coaching services are no good if I don’t have coachees, so I need to get over myself and go coach! Brenda proceeded to give practical tips on how to do that. This will also help if I move forward and carry Mary Kay…I got so much from her presentation in such a short time that I’d like to share the info on an upcoming event below:


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who understands the power of collaboration and multiple perspectives, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I can to learn and develop professionally and surround myself with women who are where I want to go. And I won’t lie. I’m loving it. Today, as I rushed from the above meeting to Zumba and was late due to horrendous traffic, I was thankful not to have the 45 minute to an hour commute I had before. In that moment, I was truly grateful to be living the professional life I am right now. Don’t get me wrong, starting a business and making a go of it is not all meetings where I get to dress up, meet at a nice venue and listen to a dynamic speaker. But when it is, life feels pretty sweet collaborating and creating my selling style – all while wearing coral Calvin Klein.

What about you? How could collaboration help you with your personal or professional challenges or goals? What about your selling style? You may not classify yourself as in sales, but if you work with people, you’re a salesperson!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


Purposeful in Pink & Pondering Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Product

Purposeful in Pink & Pondering Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Product

Day 154 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project started early with a meeting to explore an idea I’ve toyed with on and off for a while. As a girly girl who loves pink and makeup, I’ve always been drawn to Mary Kay Cosmetics. That being the case, when I met a Mary Kay Sales Director at my Evolve networking event, I voiced my interest in learning more about how Mary Kay might work for my image coaching and we scheduled to meet this morning. I decided to be purposeful in pink to honor one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs and I’ve been pondering whether to offer Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic product ever since.

Pink Collar Coach, purposeful in pink. Calvin Klein fuchsia shirt dress, bone pumps and pink bag.

In graduate school, I researched Mary Kay Ash as part of my capstone project. My final paper was entitled: “Pink Collar Strategy to Shatter the Glass Ceiling: Entrepreneurialism as a Sledgehammer”. Mary Kay left the male dominated corporate world and founded the company as a way to help other women be successful. Its principles are God first, family second and career third. This so aligns with my values and the image coaching facet of my business. And the freedom and flexibility the company offers fit into my dream “portfolio career” where I’m doing all the things I love on my terms vs. working for others. While all of this is good for me, I believe it could be great for the women I coach, personally and professionally.

Thus far, when I’ve done image coaching sessions, I’ve taken clients to Sephora (and Target in a pinch because the request was added on to go with an out of town client’s new wardrobe!). It seems to make sense that I’d carry products so the image coaching sessions can take place in my home/office, the client’s home, or at the Mary Kay Studio here in town (I didn’t know that existed until today!). That would provide more opportunity for proper makeup application so the look can be replicated at home. And I’m hopeful that doing the demonstrations and providing the products in a more relaxed setting will put clients more at ease.

Really, I’m trying to be purposeful about what I now call, “The Swan Experience”. For those who request a stand alone cosmetics makeover or one to complement the wardrobe makeover, the transformation would simply include cosmetics I carry rather than clients purchasing products from a retailer and paying the marked up prices to cover their overhead expenses. In addition, I’d be able to offer complimentary products and services. It seems like a win win! And, surprisingly, my hubby volunteered that he’s on board should I decide to move forward.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who is building her business to serve you,   I’d love your input. I’m not asking if you think I should “sell” Mary Kay. My question is more if if you were interested in an image coaching session, would you enjoy having the products on hand to try in a comfortable, private setting? I’m trying to be purposeful and provide your preferences, so I appreciate you helping me ponder whether to offer Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic product. Thank you!

P.S. If you weigh in and I move forward, there may be some giveaways!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach