Tammi Ector, MLC

The Pink Collar Coach

Professional Life, Image and Interior Coach, Author, Blogger, Trainer, Speaker, and Soloist

Founder of Pink Collar Savvy & Chic ®

Brains. Beauty. Balance. These are my maxims. Because I believe women were created with and crave all three, I inspire women’s career, home, image and life styles. My “portfolio career” allows me to use all of the areas where I’m passionately gifted to coach women to be smart at work, serene at home, to own their sense of style, to be balanced, and to live their best lives. Whether coaching, writing, training, speaking, singing, doing an image consultation, designing a room, or instructing a dance class, I encourage with my other maxim: “Be your best you.” In this way I hope to serve as a powerful change agent for women – transition to transformation.

As a domestic violence survivor, my story contains some hurt, but it is more full of healing, help and hope. After spending several years caught in a vicious cycle of abuse, it escalated when I put my career on hold to be a full-time homemaker. I finally divorced and made a successful whirlwind return to the workplace. No longer a domestic violence victim but a victor, I’ve made my mess my message and am passionate about supporting other women in their transition (and yes, trauma), from professional and/or personal mess to sustained success.

Now a savvy and chic professional known as The Pink Collar Coach, I hold a Master’s degree in Leadership and Coaching along with an Executive Coaching certificate.  I operate my agency Pink Collar Savvy & Chic  and blog here about all things related to women  in the workplace, home and office decor, personal style, self-care, and faith. I also craft contemporary chick lit with a professional twist short stories and women’s fiction. My first novel, Seasons of Her Soul will be released January 2018. A sample of my debut CD by the same name contains a selection of inspirational songs and is now available for purchase. Soon I will resume writing my Inspired Women monthly magazine column, Pink Collar Ink: Inspiration & Insight for Professional and Personal Life,

Please read my magazine column, Pink Collar Ink: Inspiration & Insight for Professional and Personal Life at www.inspiredwomenmagazine.com. For now you must see the Archives for my articles, but that will change soon. Thank you! 





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