Bob Evans Brunch Down on the Farm Following Fitness

Bob Evans Brunch Down on the Farm Following Fitness

What a great way to celebrate Day 100 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. Zumba and yummy brunch at Bob Evans. Dancing, having a meal together after praying, and then catching up on life with a friend who is more like a sister is a perfect way for me to spend Saturday mornings. Kibby and I have been doing this for five years now but are unfortunately experiencing turn over with our teachers. After our class recently moved to an earlier time (hence brunch instead of lunch like before), it is now being cancelled after next Saturday. Our instructor was made another offer to teach dance elsewhere and it was too good for her to refuse. Though we’re happy for her, it’s a total bummer that our class is going away. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, since we are experiencing similar turnover at the Y where I’ve subbed for a few years, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get my certification as I mentioned in a previous post. This just makes me more determined. Hopefully I’ll be able to take over both classes. It’s a double win for me because the Y is going to pay 75-100% of my training cost, and if I begin teaching at the other gym, I’ll get a free membership (I’ve gone as Kibby’s guest all these years). Zumba certification is costly as are gym memberships, so if any of you are interested in teaching, you can find classes on line by googling Zumba Trainings near you. Being AED and CPR certified is also required. Local fires stations offer these trainings. I hope you find this info helpful.

The wall mural makes us look as if we really are down on the farm!                                                     I’d just rummaged in my bag for my wallet to pay the bill, hence it and my umbrella sticking up! Kibby is gorgeous in her animal print and I’m in my Calvin Klein. We both know what we like! 
Our server was awesome and captured the above picture, however he cut off our shoes.  These Calvin Klein gold braided wedge mules are oldies but goodies. They pair perfectly with the  Calvin Klein cork and its gold accents. An image consultant client bartered it for services.      That’s savvy!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who understands the value of women being in life with one another, it is SO worth it for me to add “Certified Zumba Instructor” to my Pink Collar Portfolio Career. It’s another tool in my Coach’s belt since many of my image consultations involve addressing the issues most of us have with our bodies. Being more knowledgeable about fitness will benefit the women I work with. Besides, I adore dancing and have always wanted to teach it, so this is a dream come true.  Even if that wasn’t the case, I would do it anyway because as much as dance feeds my soul, time with my Soul Sister does that in spades. Getting certified and teaching the class will ensure we have many more years of Brunch Down on the Farm (or Lunch at BWs) Following Fitness!

~Pink Collar Coach

Pink Collar Coach’s Outdoor Office

Pink Collar Coach’s Outdoor Office

Following a morning meeting, Day 97 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was the perfect day to work outdoors. In such a beautiful setting, it’s no surprise that I had a productive day working on the front matter (everything that comes before the story actually begins) for my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul. I finished my dedication page and even fashioned it into a poem, completed the epigraph page, and secured an endorsement from an award winning author. It along with one from a former Cincy Enquirer book reviewer have me that much closer to being able to submit everything I need to meet the January 2018 publication target.

My back deck served as my office today. White wicker in weather resistant resin from Menards. was a Mother’s Day gift from my hubby a few years ago. We had to search high and low for white So happy I didn’t settle! Simply Shabby Chic pillows ($5 clearance at Target) are easily tucked away in wicker look storage container from Culver. The garden stool got a fresh coat of white spray paint this weekend to hide years’ worth of wear. Sisal rug was $20 at Walmart.                                                                      The pop of bright green in the birdbath was a $2.50 clearance score from my local grocer. It was filthy and broken. Cleaned up and repaired, it fills an empty corner with color.                                                                                                My Mac Air in it’s Hot Lips Pink Speck case from Best Buy makes it so Pink Collar Savvy & Chic.  
My youngest stepson has an interest in and a talent for photography. When I asked him to snap a pic for me, he jumped right in and took several. Me, Pink Collar Coach in a lace top and A-line skirt, both Calvin Klein. 
My love of pink is evident amidst the beautiful greenery of the woods that is our backyard:     Pink Calvin Klein sunglasses, Timex oversized watch, geraniums and petunias,                                  and even my low calorie drink! 

I’m very  blessed to have outdoor spaces like I do, but prior to me being intentional about making them extensions of our indoor space, they were underused. Now, most days, my youngest stepson can be found with his feet propped up on the wicker catching some rays (with lots of sunscreen of course). And last week, my hubby even suggested we have dinner on the deck when my oldest stepson stopped by.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who wants to inspire others to live their best lives, I  hope these pictures will cause you to want to get outside. You can create a functional oasis in your outdoor space too. It doesn’t require a ton of money, it just takes some imagination and intentionality. Now is a great time to pick up outdoor furniture on clearance at retailers and you can always visit garage and yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores for treasures. Once you’ve scored or repurposed your finds, take your laptop, cell phone, notepad and pen or whatever you’re working on, and try to work on it surrounded by nature.  If you’re anything like me, whether paying household bills, filling out mounds of back to school paperwork, preparing the Sunday School lesson, or a report for the next staff meeting, you’ll enjoy the task more in your outdoor office.

Savvy & Chic Shopping Series – For Working Women Who Love Home & Hearth

Savvy & Chic Shopping Series – For Working Women Who Love Home & Hearth

Day 89 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project still has me trying to figure out my true blog target audience and my blogging voice. To be honest, I’m throwing everything I’ve got out there, and trying to learn what sticks. From what I’m reading, this is a normal process that can feel lonely at times. Especially those times where I share things I’m passionate about and that I hope will resonate with readers and they fall flat. Regardless, I’m determined to keep posting for what I realized today may be my target: Women in the workplace who have a heart for home. And though my writing definitely has a faith-based component, I’m hopeful that it will inspire women, whatever your religious beliefs. If men like it, then that’s a bonus, even though you aren’t pink collar!
That being the case, I’m going to continue with this series, sharing my finds from resale shopping this weekend. If it falls totally flat, I’ll know the social and professional sites where I’m posting may not be the right ones for this type of content. But hey, I won’t know unless I try, right? Besides, I need to practice taking quality pictures that not only look good on my phone but on screen. So here it goes with treasures that speak to home and hearth (historically, the latter was where the cooking was done). I used them as kitchen decor.
Yardlong (horizontal print) of cooking herbs in a muted green frame. Love the pink & soft teal.
The same $4 picture can be hung vertically and came with a hook for either option. It isn’t crooked but my aim is. Please don’t judge!
More wonky photography! I hung the print in the kitchen above the door that leads to our finished walkout basement AKA the Mancave. I love how it picks up the pinks and blues in the heart picture frame and the Simply Shabby Chic apron, as well as the greens in the wall hooks and garden inspired mirror. The mirror is one of the few pieces inherited from my hubby’s first wife that I actually kept.
This $1 plaque reminders to slow down and try to share a few meals around the table. As busy women on the home-front and in the workplace, visual reminders are needed. When you work hard, breaking bread together provides sustenance for body and soul.
As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, who is still trying to find my niche, my reader tribe, and my photo mojo, I hope I don’t turn readers off with my imperfect home-y posts. I’m biased of course, but I view each post as beautiful because they are my childhood dream of a magazine for Christian women that would cover fashion, interior design and short stories come true. I wouldn’t post unless I believed someone else would see the beauty too and be motivated to recreate for themselves. Rather than turning off, I hope I can connect with women who relate to my love of home, career, style, and faith. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to make the most of your home. Your hearth. And your life.
~Pink Collar Coach
Savvy Shopping Series – A Few of My Favorite Faith-based Finds

Savvy Shopping Series – A Few of My Favorite Faith-based Finds

It’s Day 88 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and it may be the earliest I’ve ever posted. I’ve looked forward to sharing some of the resale items I scored Saturday, and after taking advantage of the daylight to photograph them, I couldn’t wait to post. Though I spent little money, I got a lot of stuff, so I’m sharing them in a short series. All of these lovingly curated treasures have a few things in common: faith-based/spiritual theme, gold or bronze accents, and found a home in my bedroom. The fact that they’re Shabby Chic inspired is a given!

This is one of my favorite finds of the day. The girl’s attire is quintessentially Shabby Chic.       The boy and girl remind me of my son and daughter. They now live on my dresser. The faith-based piece? Seeing them is a reminder to pray for my children. I used a Sharpie to cover the word Viet Nam. That it’s still visible is ok, since my father was a veteran. 


Though I shared the photo of the praying hands and mug yesterday, I wanted to capture the entire vignette to demonstrate how resale items can be incorporated with what you already have. The shadow box is a TJMaxx find I’ve had for years and the hankie was a wedding gift from my sister-in-law, who embroidered my name. The Shabby Chic vintage-look sign with the bronze lettering was purchased at my local grocery store for $12 when I was newly divorced.    Savvy & Chic style on shoe string!
Again, though I’ve shared photos of my Shabby-Chic-ed succulents, I was thrilled to find this angel to replace one I lost when I married my husband and moved. At $2, the fact that she is brass ties in perfectly with the other brass accents. And the $1 pot with the flowers fit the stand perfectly, even though I didn’t intend to use it that way.                                                                       Being open to new uses is key to resale /repurposing success. Now, she’s Angel of the Succulents. 


At $1, this beauty was a steal. The pink and purple make it very Shabby Chic, however, the brown outline makes it a tad masculine. I found a home for it above my hubby’s night stand. He’s an amazing man of faith and doesn’t need the reminder, but can appreciate it all the same.      Besides, call me old fashioned, but I still love to hang plates on the wall as decor. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who believes women crave beauty, comfort and function, not only in our homes, but in our work spaces as well, I hope you are inspired to scout out some inspirational decor for your home or office. Work on the home-front or in the workplace can drive us to our knees. If we surround ourselves with beautiful, inspirational things, rather than loose our minds, we’ll be able to keep the faith.


My Room with His View

My Room with His View


Day 74 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was also the first day of a much needed vacation. Following my hubby’s birthday dinner and a late night Redbox movie/date night (United Kingdom is awesome!) early morning Zumba, brunch and shopping with a friend then a cookout last night to recognize those of us in the family with July birthdays, despite having the will, I couldn’t find a way to keep my eyes open long enough to blog and missed day 73…It’s only my second miss, and for the same reason, falling asleep even as I tried to get it done. So, I’m cutting myself some slack and need to listen to what my body needs: sleep!

This morning, as I packed for our road trip, I watched Joel Osteen. He was talking about not only trusting God, but trusting HIs timing. I SO needed that. I trust Him implicitly with my hopes, my fears, my family, my career. All of it. But do I trust His timing? Not always. I want things to tick along smoothly according to my schedule instead of believing that everything, even the things I don’t like, are a part of His perfect plan for my life. Including the timing.

So, for the rest of the day, rather than fretting about not posting yesterday, which is a self-imposed standard, and not posting Post 3 of 3 for my last short story like I’d planned  today – another self-imposed deadline – I just let the day unfold. It was nice not to put so much pressure on myself, and it freed me to just spend the entire day at the pool and in the pool with my family. Afterwards, I came up to the room and stood on the balcony with my husband. The view took my breath away, so I snapped a picture, shifting gears from, I have to finish my short story tonight, to I’ll use this photo as inspiration for tonight’s blog.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who could live on anywhere sunny with water, I feel so blessed to have a room with such a beautiful view. And it made me think,  just like an artist may feel discouraged when his work is not appreciated because the one looking at it does not share the same perspective, could it God feels that way when we’re so focused on our deadlines or schedules, or so caught up in frenetic pace we set for ourselves, our timing, at home and in the workplace, that we can’t see the beautiful world He gave us to enjoy? That we can’t slow down our agendas and be more in sync with His timing for our lives?

The Bible tells us He created everything in six days, and then saw that it was all good. So on the seventh day He rested. When it comes to working and resting, I imagine may of us could tear a page out of that book. I know I can…

What He created is good. I’m so thankful I took the time to see His perspective from my room with a view.







Pink Collar Savvy & Chic – Smart, Fun, and Confident

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic – Smart, Fun, and Confident

Day 69 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project project provided the opportunity for me to do two things I’ve been looking forward to. The first was an image consultation with a smart, fun, uber professional woman. The second was tag teaming said image consultation with one of the most amazing women I know.

As a Magistrate, Betsy wears a robe two days a week and spends the other days writing decisions and meeting with the public to answer their questions. A practicing attorney prior to moving up to her current role a year ago, she’d just had a baby and was pregnant when she stepped into her new position. With all of the exciting changes in her professional and personal life, Betsy wanted a wash and wear wardrobe, infused with color rather than all black, that would work as hard in both settings as she does.



Pink Collar Cute Chick. She looks young but don’t let it fool you. She’s a Magistrate. As a Magistrate, wife, and mother of two little ones, she needed a work wardrobe that can easily make the transition from professional powerhouse to playful parent and partner.

Betsy called the following her clothing rules; I called them her clothing criteria:

  1. Colorful
  2. Comfortable
  3. Professional to Personal life agile (I made that last part up!)
  4. Wash and wear (No dry clean)
  5. Not clingy, itchy, scratchy, see-through, or white

From start to finish, Jen, my partner in Pink Collar Crime, and I were great at tag teaming it. Other than the power suit being dry clean only, we hit it out of the park. And I still count us as batting a thousand because we did find a power suit that was machine washable and Betsy didn’t think it looked power suit enough. Just saying’…While I pulled together the power suit, several blazers, a skirt, a versatile black dress, and several shrugs, Jen rocked it out on the blouses, shells, a statement piece blazer with grommets, and a pink party dress that will be killer for date night, plays and other after five events.

Clothing criteria: Check, check, check, check, and check!


Pink Collar Confident Chick. Outfit maintains fun vibe while upping the professional ante. Floral sleeveless print blouse is fresh with its the coral and loden green color scheme accented in black  piping. The large scale of the pattern keeps the flowers from being too feminine for the courthouse. Paired with loden green pants and a coral blazer, the look is business casual at its best. Betsy already owns black pumps to wear with this. Switch those out for black flats, remove remove the jacket and she’ll be ready to romp in the park with the kiddos or do dinner w/ hubby.

Jen, Mrs. Plus Ohio 2015, and I both do image consultations and wanted to try doing one together, but neither of us knew how it would go. To our delight and Betsy’s benefit, it couldn’t have gone better! Us thinking it went well is great but Betsy saying more than once that we make a great team – that’s confirmation. Now Jen and I know our plan, not to take over the world, but to simply mess with it, is a good one.

Pink Collar Chicks after Mission Accomplished!                                                                             Magistrate, Pink Collar Coach, and Jenn, Mrs. Plus Ohio 2015.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, I believe the Before and After pictures say it all. The former has Betsy posed where the words “fun” and “smart” are visible. Betsy was both of these in spades before our time together. The latter reveals a word that was hidden. The fact that Betsy stated, “I can’t wait to get dressed for work tomorrow”  now shows that she’s smart, fun and confident.