Youth, Young Love and Yellow

Youth, Young Love and Yellow

Yesterday was Day 105 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and though I technically didn’t miss blogging, because I apparently wasn’t fully signed on to our hotel internet, I lost what I’d written and was too zonked after midnight for a rewrite. That was the bad news. The good news is that the rehearsal dinner hosted by the parents of the groom (my sister and brother-in-law), last night was a spectacular, special time. In the background, a slide show of the bride and groom, from birth through their dating years up to this point, along with both of their families, played in the background. As it did, those two families came together to celebrate the couple. Youth and young love were on vibrant display.

I was proud of my hubby, who’d been asked to pray, when he shared how they should remember that their heavenly Father loves each of them, so they should love each other accordingly. Likewise, the bride’s sister and maid of honor, shared how they’ll need to look back on this season of being young and in love when the they’re older and remember the love they had for one another when they were just starting out.

Me, Pink Collar Coach. Youth and young love weren’t the only things on vibrant display. My bright yellow embroidered dress and handbag made me feel youthful as well. White thong sandals and a lace shrug toned it down and kept me chilly in the air conditioning.                               All Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx. 
My sister-in-law and I created the Welcome Sign.                                                                                     She made it and then we mounted it into a distressed Shabby Chic style chalk board. 
Beautiful, youthful bride in a vintage look halter dress.
Lunch at a restaurant we don’t have in Ohio.                                                                                             Superfood spinach wrap with a bean patty, jalapeno hummus, avocado, and quinoa was yummy.                                                                               My hubby snapped a pic of me keeping cool in Calvin Klein blue. Bag breaks up the blue a bit.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Coach who understands the value of Positive Sentiment Override, it reminded me that I need to do the same with my husband. This mindset is one in which the positive things about the other person that made a you fall in love with them in the first place far outweigh any of the negatives. Marriage, dating, and relationships in general are often full of joy and grace when we’re young and “in love”. But what about when the mirror tells us we’re older and the shiny newness has worn off? At times we’re all guilty of showing little grace and no mercy. But this is when we need to recall how deeply we cared about, how easily we overlooked, how quick we were to forgive, how thankful we were that the Lord had given us the one our heart desired…

And that’s my prayer for this young couple. That they’ll remember that God loves their spouse and they should treat them as the same priceless treasure. That they’ll let the positives they felt when they were young and in love outshine any negatives that try to overshadow their love for one another. Not only when they’re older, but after the wedding – when the actual marriage begins.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Chick, how can you use Positive Sentiment Override to value your relationships with others, be it a spouse, significant other, or any loved one?

~Pink Collar Coach


Pink Collar Coach Does Dressed Up Daisy Dukes Shorts Romper for Dinner

Pink Collar Coach Does Dressed Up Daisy Dukes Shorts Romper for Dinner

Dinner for the family of the groom on Day 104 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Project was done well on so many levels. My sister and brother-in-law recently renovated the kitchen in their Alpharetta, Georgia home and it was a dreamy setting for out-of-town family members to celebrate with their son/the groom and to meet his bride if they hadn’t already. It was also a great backdrop for photos of two chic shorts rompers. Though on the short side, these are tasteful and dress up well for a casual dinner or date night.

Me, Pink Collar Coach in Calvin Klein shorts romper with cold shoulder sleeves and wrap dress bodice. Though V-neck, there are snaps, which I love for modesty. Scrappy mules play off the side-tie belt, though it’s not visible here. 
The Bride and Groom. She’s stunning in her navy spaghetti strap shorts romper with great down the middle of the bodice and the pockets. The scrappy leather sandals add to the chic boho vibe. (I couldn’t get the doggy out of the pic, hence the tip of a tail). 
Me with the father of the groom. Though his wife looked gorgeous in a cold shoulder top,                 she was too modest to let me post any, so her hubby jumped in when mine took this pic.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who loves an excuse to dress up, even if the attire is shorts, I so enjoyed seeing everyone, however they were dressed. And I especially love that I’ll have some great pictures for all of us to look back on years from now (like the one of the groom’s parents on their wedding day peeking out on the right side of the counter in the top picture here). We’ll reminisce about the night and be able to see how the bride, the mother of the bride and I all dressed up Daisy Dukes for this fun family dinner.

~ Pink Collar Coach

Pink Collar Coach Feeling Fabulous After Finding the Right Fit

Pink Collar Coach Feeling Fabulous After Finding the Right Fit

Day 103 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has been purposeful indeed. As part of our trip to Georgia, it has been on the itinerary for us to make a stop at a store that specializes in bra fittings. My dear friend Kibby told me about it when she heard about our trip. Knowing as she does the struggles I’ve had with fitting my new body (post hysterectomy, hormone overload and a breast cancer scare), she was confident Livi Rae would be able to help. I’m so thankful she was right. And although it’s a little scary being so transparent online, I’m glad to be able to share my positive experience with you!

Located in Kennesaw, Georgia. SO worth it if you’re in the Atlanta area..
My favorite dressing room. The one with lots of pink of course. Each has a different theme but have beauty, comfort and function, along with inspiration, including crosses, in common. 

If you’re a Hyster Sister too, or just a woman who has had ever faced challenges with her body – and seriously, between aging, birth of children, hormonal issues, and medical challenges, who hasn’t in some form or another? – then, I’m here to tell you, there’s hope. Filled with a lot of anticipation and a little anxiety, I needn’t have worried. The ladies were all wonderful – professional and personable.

Hard working women like this one make a stop at the store worth it and wonderful.

Refreshments are even provided. Great forethought considering it can take a while to find the right fit for the girls!

One of the first things I saw upon entering. Lovely.

My personal fitter provided me with exceptional expertise, extra attention, and an experience I’ll never forget.

Pink Collar Coach and Heather, Fitting Specialist Extraordinaire. 

Heather did more than fit me, she helped me to make peace with my new body, which was some fete considering my back is not quite 30″ and my bust size, well…I’m at peace with it but am not going to publicize it! Calvin Klein cold sholder, stretch skinny jeans and plaid shirt to ward off the cold! I like his clothes because they’re stylish and fit me!



Pink Collar Coach with some of my purchases, including shapewear to address other areas.  : )                                                                                       The bras will have to be shipped after the backs are taken in. Calvin Klein bag and slides. 
Gorgeous dresser. Had to get a pic with it. Feeling fabulous after finally finding the right fit!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Chick who is so happy to have found a place where it’s not about the cup or the width of the band, but about the woman wearing it, I hope you ladies will visit the website, and possibly the store. Then you too can feel truly fabulous about finding the right fit!




~Pink Collar Coach

Happy To Be In Love With My Best Friend on Our Happy Anniversary

Happy To Be In Love With My Best Friend on Our Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was Day 102 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and it was also my wedding anniversary.  After making a run to Kroger after Zumba last night to load up on necessities for a much-anticipated family wedding/vacation, I rushed home to give my  hubby his card and favorite fat-free treat. We hadn’t gotten any time together because he’d left the house at the crack of dawn to watch my stepsons’ first college golf match of the season and had just beat me home. Once we were both there, after a speedy but sincere exchange of “Happy Anniversary” and “I love you”, I headed upstairs to pack while he remained at his desk wrapping up some last-minute tasks before our trip. “Honey, shouldn’t you be packing?” I asked. “It’ll take me no time,” was his quick response. Doubtful, I let him be. After over a decade together, I know him well enough to let him believe he’d pack quickly.

A vignette on a tallboy dresser in our bedbroom. I love seeing a wedding picture from our bed. Shabby Chic style frame from Sheffield Home, distressed urn with while ranuncula roses, all reminsiscent of those I carried in my bouquet were all found at TJMaxx over the years.                   The Simply Shabby Chic ceramic night light that now serves as a decorative piece lost it’s plug – still pretty. I inherited the green paint color. hope to paint the room in my signature soft white. 

By the time my hubby did join me in our bedroom, it was in a total state of disarray. I warned him before he entered and then shoved all of my stuff to my side of our king bed so he could pack on his side. Within a short period of time, the bed was covered with men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. And I thought the room was a mess before he started! Rather than celebrating our anniversary, we spent the evening trying on clothes and asking for each other’s opinions – on color, fit, style, etc. It was So.Much.Fun. There was a time when my husband didn’t really seek my opinion on his attire, but we’ve evolved and are so much more symbiotic – in a good way. I’m looking foward to being, not matchy-matchy – heaven forbid! – but coordinated with my spouse as we hang out with our family over the next few days.

This hangs in my daughter’s room but is SO true of her mama. And my hubby. By the time I’ve decided what to wear, it looks like a clothing warehouse, albeit a nice one, exploded! The artwork and flowers are from TJMaxx. The shade and night light are Simply Shabby Chic- Target. 

By the time we’d made all our decisions and the bed was finally cleared off, we were both too exhausted to do anything but fall into it and go to sleep. I vaguely regreted not having a romantic evening or blogging but was so happy to fall asleep with my best friend holding my hand. I realized it was romantic. And I’d have some great pics for the blog as a result of our efforts.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who is so happy to be in love with my husband and celebrating my anniversary, I know why destroying our bedroom as we packed was such a good time. It was with my best friend.

~Pink Collar Coach

Pink Collar Coach Getting Things Done in Grab n Go Green

Pink Collar Coach Getting Things Done in Grab n Go Green

Day 95 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was a day to get a lot of things done. Between working from home and running around to take care of things on the personal and professional side, I still needed to be pulled together to present myself in public. Though there’s a tendency for today’s busy women to throw on yoga pants, a T shirt and flip flops if not in the office, I still believe we can be comfortable without looking as if we simply don’t care.

Besides, I love being a girl and would rather be in a comfy, pretty dress for business casual than pajama pants. I’m always shocked when I see women leave the house looking as if they just rolled out of bed. It’s not a look that leaves the impression most of us want to! There’s looking like we work hard for the money and looking like “She Works Hard for the Money”! Taking a little time to slip on an easy care grab and go dress or pants and top in fun colors is just as fuss free as sporting drab athletic attire. And running a brush through hair and adding a dab of makeup does wonders for the self esteem and boosts the spirit.

Pink Collar Coach in an oldie but a goodie. I’ve had this Calvin Klein synthetic green sleeveless dress in a fresh green for years. And believe it or not, I spotted the shoes at Cracker while there for Mother’s Day. The white Calvin Klein bag I scored this spring has the exact same perforated pattern as the shoes. Talk about sweet serendipity! Since  tend to run cold, I keep a lightweight sweater with me at all times. This on is Calvin Klein as are the sunglasses.                     Maybelline’s Nearly There lipstick is my all-time favorite- neutral with a kiss of my beloved pink.  

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who wants to share my styling tips with others, I’m including a list of what to look for if you like this look:

Get the Getting Things Done Grab n Go Look

  1. Easy care dresses, pants, and tops in fun, solid colors.
  2. Lightweight cardigans, shrugs, or jackets in staple colors (i.e. white, black, khaki).
  3. Colorful  shoes with details such as perforation, stripes, or hardware.
  4. Quality handbags to pull look together and keep you organized.

I hope this inspires you to build your wardrobe with these pieces. They transition well into fall and even winter when layered with sweaters, tights, and boots and will more than pay for themselves with years of function and fun. Especially if you purchase them at affordable discount stores like my go-tos: TJMaxx or Marshall’s. And I recently found some of my favorite brands at Burlington Coat Factory. All that to say, if you follow these styling tips and score them at a good price, not only will you be able to get things done in grab n go green (or any other color in the rainbow), you’ll save some while you’re at it. Now that’s being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose!

Pink, Red and Pops of Purple – More Than The Colors in My Dress

Pink, Red and Pops of Purple – More Than The Colors in My Dress

Pink Collar Coach in Calvin Klein wrap style dress with pink, reds, and pops of purple. Black cami keeps the V-neck from plunging too far. The handbag and pumps are also Calvin Klein. I don’t often wear red lipstick, but Maybelline’s On Fire Red has enough of a pink undertone to make it doable for me. If it looks as if I’m looking up, I am. My tall hubby was the photographer! All of other makeup is Maybelline as well – my go-to. Silver Moroccan pouf is one of my recent all-time best scores from Home Goods while the Aubusson needlepoint rug is a decade old TJMaxx find. Simply Shabby Chic sofa slipcover and pillows.

Day 94 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project provided an opportunity to be with family and to make new friends. Following the christening ceremony for our family’s newest member, we left church and went to celebrate at the parents’ home. There I had the pleasure of meeting a relative on the husband’s side who’s returned to town to access her support system. This amazing young woman, who I’ll call Cee, is dealing with an incredible challenge, yet from the short time I spent with her, though her body is under attack, I found her spirit to be indomitable.

I’m humbled and in awe that God continues to put women in my way. Many of them are fighting valiant emotional, physical, social and/or spiritual battles. My heart for them must show on my face because so often, even if perfect strangers, they share their stories with me and then tell me how much I’ve encouraged them. I’m always blown away by this because I’m beyond blessed by each and every encounter. Today was no exception. My new friend taught me about strength, tenacity and pursuing your dreams despite a dire prognosis.

I shared my own breast cancer scare with her and showed her pictures of the battle scar from where I had a giant growth that presented as malignant but turned out to be benign removed. We then traded stories about the changes our health challenges and hormones have wreaked on our bodies, including the need for a better bra! When Cee told me her age and I let her know I am actually two years older, she exclaimed, “Girl, you look good!”. And so does she. Three weeks past her latest chemo session and with no hair, Cee radiates true beauty.

One of the reasons I’ve come to love blogging so much is not only does it make me more mindful of  capturing meaningful moments after the fact, it makes me more so in the actual moment. So, as my time with Cee drew to a close because my big fat blended family had to go, I thought about what I was wearing and knew I’d remember it because of meeting her. The pink will remind me of my passion for women, especially those fighting health challenges, including breast cancer scare because of my own scare; the red will make me recall her valor; and the pop of purple will say, “She deserves a purple heart for positivity during her fight!”

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who wants to maximize my unique God given strengths to coach, encourage and inspire women to live their best lives, all to His glory, I’m writing this blog and sending it to her as a first step in our relationship because what she said as she hugged me –  that she felt as if God had us meet – echoes my thoughts exactly. She’s a writer who writes plays about women! Wow. She’s so Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose! It just goes to show, when we live life on purpose, God puts special people in our path. Even if the original goal of the day was simply to post about wearing a dress with pink, red and pops of purple!

~Pink Collar Coach


Savvy Shopping Series – A Few of My Favorite Faith-based Finds

Savvy Shopping Series – A Few of My Favorite Faith-based Finds

It’s Day 88 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and it may be the earliest I’ve ever posted. I’ve looked forward to sharing some of the resale items I scored Saturday, and after taking advantage of the daylight to photograph them, I couldn’t wait to post. Though I spent little money, I got a lot of stuff, so I’m sharing them in a short series. All of these lovingly curated treasures have a few things in common: faith-based/spiritual theme, gold or bronze accents, and found a home in my bedroom. The fact that they’re Shabby Chic inspired is a given!

This is one of my favorite finds of the day. The girl’s attire is quintessentially Shabby Chic.       The boy and girl remind me of my son and daughter. They now live on my dresser. The faith-based piece? Seeing them is a reminder to pray for my children. I used a Sharpie to cover the word Viet Nam. That it’s still visible is ok, since my father was a veteran. 


Though I shared the photo of the praying hands and mug yesterday, I wanted to capture the entire vignette to demonstrate how resale items can be incorporated with what you already have. The shadow box is a TJMaxx find I’ve had for years and the hankie was a wedding gift from my sister-in-law, who embroidered my name. The Shabby Chic vintage-look sign with the bronze lettering was purchased at my local grocery store for $12 when I was newly divorced.    Savvy & Chic style on shoe string!
Again, though I’ve shared photos of my Shabby-Chic-ed succulents, I was thrilled to find this angel to replace one I lost when I married my husband and moved. At $2, the fact that she is brass ties in perfectly with the other brass accents. And the $1 pot with the flowers fit the stand perfectly, even though I didn’t intend to use it that way.                                                                       Being open to new uses is key to resale /repurposing success. Now, she’s Angel of the Succulents. 


At $1, this beauty was a steal. The pink and purple make it very Shabby Chic, however, the brown outline makes it a tad masculine. I found a home for it above my hubby’s night stand. He’s an amazing man of faith and doesn’t need the reminder, but can appreciate it all the same.      Besides, call me old fashioned, but I still love to hang plates on the wall as decor. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who believes women crave beauty, comfort and function, not only in our homes, but in our work spaces as well, I hope you are inspired to scout out some inspirational decor for your home or office. Work on the home-front or in the workplace can drive us to our knees. If we surround ourselves with beautiful, inspirational things, rather than loose our minds, we’ll be able to keep the faith.